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Study Focused on Black Children in 7 Sacramento Neighborhoods Shows Health Improvements Pushing Back Longstanding Racial Inequities (By Karen Nikos-Rose on February 26, 2021)

“This evaluation gives insight into effective strategies of how community leaders and organizations in partnership with government and philanthropic entities create change,” said Torry Winn, who was co-author of the study. “There were many challenges to overcome; however, hope for better futures was the driving force.” 

Maisha Winn called BCLC’s efforts a “progressive forward-thinking approach. The campaign is multi-layered, deep rooted, and a collaboration of elders, youth, educators, coaches, clergy, police, elected officials and nonprofit leads.” 

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE IN EDUCATION Transforming Teaching and Learning Through the Disciplines Edited by Maisha T. Winn and Lawrence T. Winn (May, 2021)

“This book is aligned with Maisha T. Winn and Lawrence T. Winn’s thoughtful and brilliant commitments to Restorative Justice, and charters new ground in the field of RJ by centering race, healing, mathematics, ethnic studies, science, and abolition. Each chapter is an opportunity to thrive, heal, and make Black Lives Matter in the classroom.” —BETTINA L. LOVE, AUTHOR OF WE WANT TO DO MORE THAN SURVIVE

Intercollegiate Athletics forms partnership with UC Davis Transformative Justice in Education Center as part of department's on-going DEI efforts

The goal of this partnership is to develop a team-specific approach for student-athletes and coaches to build community together and engage in conversation around different types of injustice, while providing the student-athletes a sense of belonging on campus and enhance their development as current and future leaders on and off the court.


The GMA Inspiration List: Who's making Black history in 2021? Maisha Winn

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts nominates Maisha T. Winn

Maisha T. Winn is the Chancellor’s Leadership Professor, and the co-founder and co-director of the Transformative Justice in Education Center (TJE) in the School of Education at the University of California, Davis. Professor Winn’s research examines the ways teachers and adult allies for youth practice “justice” in the teaching of literacy.