Practitioner-in-Residence: Working Paper Series

As a community research center, The TJE Center launched our Practitioner-in-Residence: Working Paper Series in 2017-18. The Working Paper Series aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice in Transformative Justice in Education in tangible ways, as we work in community toward sustainable justice. Check out out TJE's Working Paper Series below!

2020 Spencer Learning Community | Dr. Cati de los Rios' working paper, "Transformative Justice in Ethnic Studies in P-12 Schools".

2020 Spencer Learning Community | Dr. Noreen Naseem Rodriguez's working paper, "Transformative Justice in Social Studies".

2018-2019 TJE Practitioner in Residence | Dr. Micia Mosely's working paper, "The Importance and Use of a Transformative Justice Approach in Professional Development for Black Teachers".

2017-2018 TJE Practitioner-in-Residence | Roger Viet Chung's working paper, "Imprisoned Curriculum: The ROOTs Program and Prisoner Led Healing".