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Books We're Reading

Davis, A. (2016). Freedom is a constant struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the foundations of a movement. Chicago, IL: Haymarket Books.

Ireland, S., & Lynn, C. (2017). Becoming Ms. Burton: From prison to recovery to leading the fight for incarcerated women. New York, NY: The New Press.

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Zehr, H. (2015). Changing lenses: Restorative Justice for our times (25th ed.). Harrisonburg, VA: Herald Press.


Podcasts We're Listening To

Alexander, M., Burton, S., & Goodman, A. (2017, May 19.) Repair the damage from the drug war. Democracy Now! Podcast. Podcast retrieved from

Gladwell, M. (2017, June 28). Miss Buchanan’s period of adjustment. Revisionist History Podcast. Podcast retrieved from

Hannah-Jones, N., & Glass, I. (2015, July 31). The problem we all live with. This American Life Podcast. Podcast retrieved from

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Updike, N., & Glass, I. (2014, Oct 17). Is this working? This American Life Podcast. Podcast retrieved from


Journalism We're Reading

Coates, T.-N. (2015). The Black family in the age of mass incarceration. The Atlantic Magazine. Retrieved from

Shen, A. (2017, Nov 27). What happens when schools stop arresting kids for throwing Skittles? The Atlantic Magazine. Retrieved from

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Films/Documentaries We're Watching

DuVernay, A. (2016). 13th. A Netflix Original Documentary. Sherman Oaks, CA: Kandoo Films.

Jones, R. (2000). Andrews, L. (Ed.). We Just Telling Stories. Cultural Odyssey.


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Journal Articles We're Reading

Anderson-Zavala, C., Krueger-Henney, P., Meiners, E., & Pour-Khorshid, F. (2017). Fierce urgency of now: Building movements to end the prison industrial complex in our schools. Multicultural Perspectives, 19(3), 151–154.

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