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TJE & UC Davis DEI Virtual 5PS Workshop Series

Virtual Workshop Series 

2020 Launch of TJE Futures Matter Framework at UC Davis

The Transformative Justice in Education (TJE) Center launched a campus-wide campaign with the Office of DEI to address transformation at UC Davis through the Center's  5 Pedagogical Stances: Histories Matter, Race Matters, Justice Matters, Language Matters, and Futures Matter. The Transformative Justice in Education Center launched the TJE Futures Matter Framework Campaign with a campus-wide webinar on August 26th, 2020.

This campus-wide talk was aimed to provide the UC Davis community with an opportunity to continue our on-going dialogues that recognize and address issues of bias and structural inequality. Watch the recorded webinar with Dr. Maisha T. Winn, Professor & Associate Dean – Academic Programs, School of Education, and Dr. Lawrence Winn, Assistant Professor of Teaching, discussing Transformative Justice as a paradigm shift, and common framing around examining histories and futures with attention to race, justice, and language for UC Davis and the Campus community. 

The teams/cohorts following UC Davis campus departments, programs, or units have successfully completed the TJE workshop series:

  • Development and Alumni Relations (DEVAR DEI Committee)
  • Department of Pharmacology/Neuroscience Graduate Program
  • MIND Institute
  • UCD  Women’s Basketball Team
  • UCD Men’s Basketball Team
  • Bio Medical Engineering

Interested in our TJE Virtual Workshop Series for your team? 

TJE Workshop Series Intake Form 

Are you looking to have your team learn more about transformative and restorative justice? Would you like your team to be part of our virtual transformative justice experiences? No matter where you and your team are in your transformative justice journey, our TJE team will work with you to facilitate a workshop series based on your team's current needs! 

If you are interested in having the TJE Center facilitate a Virtual TJ Workshop Series for your team, please take a moment to fill out the intake form found here as a first step. Thank you. 

Pictures shows large group of people (20-30) sitting in chairs in circle formation.
Picture shows TJE Circle-up with undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, and UCD Chancellor Gary May and SOE Dean Lindstrom. 


Close up of TJE circle up with students laughing and Chancellor Gary May smiling in the middle. 
Close up of TJE circle up with students laughing and UC Davis Chancellor Gary May smiling in the middle.