Transformative Justice Studies in Sacramento

Fall flyer for Quarter @ Aggie Square Classes with an image of smiling faces in the middle panel.
Fall Flyer for Transformative Justice Studies in Sacramento

In July 2019, TJE Directors Torry Winn and Maisha Winn, along with Dr. Vajra Watson, received a $20,000 planning grant to develop an innovative learning experience. In February 2020, the Quarter @ Aggie Square committee selected their proposal as one of two programs to begin in Fall 2020.

The Transformative Justice Studies program will provide undergraduates with an integrated, wholistic, transformative, and restorative learning experience. Students will connect research and learning to practice and opportunities in the education landscape, and develop their socio-cultural awareness in ways relevant to our fast-evolving and interconnected world.

Course offerings will include: EDU 150: Culture and Diversity in the Sociopolitical Context; AAS 130: Education in the African-American Community; SOC 143: An Urban Society; and EDU 198:  Transformative Justice Seminar. Joining Drs. Winn and Winn will be Orly Clergy, Professor of Sociology. All classes will be held at Aggie Square in Sacramento, CA. 

Who should take this experience? Undergraduate students interested in social justice educational models. Courses provide credit toward degrees in African American Studies, Sociology, and the Education minor. Quarter at Aggie Square scheduled experiences are subject to change. 

Next Offered: Fall 2020 | Express interest 

A message from the faculty: “In keeping with the tradition of community-based educational models, we are leveraging our scholarship and local partnerships to facilitate opportunities for undergraduates to engage in historiographies of social movements and make the connection with present day social, political, economic, and educational issues and organizing (redlining, gentrification, school suspensions, police brutality, community trauma, racial justice, and radical healing).” 

~ Professors Maisha Winn, Torry Winn, and Orly Clerge