Restorative Justice in Education

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE IN EDUCATION Transforming Teaching and Learning Through the Disciplines Edited by Maisha T. Winn and Lawrence T. Winn (May, 2021)

“This book is aligned with Maisha T. Winn and Lawrence T. Winn’s thoughtful and brilliant commitments to Restorative Justice, and charters new ground in the field of RJ by centering race, healing, mathematics, ethnic studies, science, and abolition. Each chapter is an opportunity to thrive, heal, and make Black Lives Matter in the classroom.” —BETTINA L. LOVE, AUTHOR OF WE WANT TO DO MORE THAN SURVIVE

Restorative Justice in Education makes the case for restorative justice as a practice as much as it is a paradigm. Through essays, case studies, and interviews, the book outlines for educators and teacher educators how restorative justice can be leveraged to teach across disciplines. 

Building on the success of Justice on Both Sides, this book consists of four sections that explore instructional practices in history, race, justice, and language. The contributors examine a variety of educational issues and questions for teachers to explore through a transformative justice lens. Topics include how access to history and histories can promote agency for and among marginalized students; how science and mathematics education can be reimagined to catalyze the creativity and capacity of Black math learners; and how restorative justice practices can foster healthy student identities. The book includes the voices of leading practitioners and scholars, who address the need for both restorative and transformative justice work within, across, and beyond the core disciplines. Particular attention is given to areas of education often omitted from these conversations: early childhood, special education, and ethnic studies. Restorative Justice in Education offers educators the pedagogical tools they need to transform their classrooms into just, inclusive, and uplifting spaces.

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Restorative Justice in Education